About the Mural Process

People often assume that  having custom murals or decorative painting in their home, office or church is a very long and difficult process.  But that is simply not true.  I try to make the mural process painless and fun.

First, I will meet with you and discuss your content.  What exactly would you like to have painted on your space? If you have no idea, that’s quite alright, we will discuss your interest, your likes and dislikes to try and narrow down to an idea that will really excite you. 

Second, I will measure the area that you would like to have painted.  The area is photographed, along with any pre-existing decorative elements , colors or textures that the decorative painting will need to compliment.

Third, detailed, to-scale, color sketches in watercolour are created.  Using clients specific ideas, themes and tastes, along with existing architectural and decorative elements.  The sketches are meant to give the client a good visual representation of the finished project. This process allows us the opportunity not only make sure you will be pleased with the final project, with no surprises; but also allows for the estimated cost for the project to be as accurate as possible.

At this point any changes, or additions can be added or taken away, and if needed  new versions of sketches can be made.

I spend many hours researching imagees and painting sketches.  Therefore, There is a $100 fee for completion of the sketches.

Fouth, once you are happy with the sketches and project cost estimates, we  proceed to schedule the painting.  10% of the estimated cost is due prior to the painting beginning.

Fifth, the painting will be completed.  Now, wasn’t that easy?