Art Lessons

Mrs. Lizzie’s Art Room is the perfect atmosphere for kids to learn art! Let them immerse themselves in learning to enjoy art and that they CAN do it! Mrs. Lizzie offers one-on-one art lessons with kids to create art in subjects such as architecture, sculpture, design, drawing, oil painting and more. These lessons are perfect for kids who are passionate about art or for home-schooled kids who want to learn the fundamentals of art for their curriculum.

Lessons vary with each kids interests so on some projects a lot of kids participated while other kids explored other subjects that interested them.

Currently not accepting new students

Wire Sculptures

A 3-D project to get the kids thinking about how a 2-D line drawing becomes a 3-D line drawing. They chose a vehicle of some sort (boat, vehicle, trucks, cars, etc) and drew them with the line of the wire.

Pencil Drawings

We focused on composition and learned how to take apart a drawing and draw it as a whole piece

Leather Work

Learning how to cut, stamp, dye and sew leather during their various projects.

Recycled Art Sculptures

The kids used found things and trash and created a structure of some sort out of it. They focused on design, stability, and composition.


Many different projects using medias ranging from watercolors and acrylics with their final projects being done in oil paint. We learned about many styles of art including impressionism, surrealism, and cubism and learned about many artists along the way.

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