Local artist with 18 years of experience

Elizabeth Needham is an experienced muralist who has worked with a variety of painting mediums and techniques. For over eighteen years she has created a wide range of decorative painting, murals and faux finishes for nurseries, child and youth spaces, family rooms, kitchen and baths, niches and ceilings, etc.

For private or commercial mural pricing and art lesson inquiries please contact me.


Late Summer Faux Mural

    My latest summer mural project took place in Ponca City for a local business owner’s beautiful home. The property is located near the city’s beloved pioneer woman statue and the property contained a very old building that was originally owned by the Marland family estate, which was fun to get to tour through and see…

Mr. Nose Knows He’s the Boogieman

Armed with a plethora of pencils, a few good pieces of paper, and one of those big erasers, she stretched her fingers and it was ready, aim, draw! Today She is drawing a picture of her best friend for a present. So far so good. She has the general shape of the face and the…