With over 18 years of service, Elizabeth can help with multiple projects and has a wide variety of services to offer. Check out her options below and contact her with any questions or inquiries.

Commercial Murals

A faux finish is a quick and economical way to give a plain boring wall a distinguished look. Each look is unique and colored to match any and all decor you have. Whether it is your restaurant, your office, or your home, I can help provide whatever look you are trying to achieve! Want something but you are not sure what? Simply contact me and I can meet with you one-on-one and together we can figure out what it is you need! View some samples.

Custom Wall Mural

Have a plain wall in your house or business that needs some sprucing up? Let me know and I can help you find the perfect look or image that you want and create a look that will make all your guests go WOW! Nurseries, home theaters, offices, pantries, and even the ceiling can be painted to give you a little happiness anytime you see them! Contact me if you have any questions or, if you aren’t sure what you want, I can meet with you one-on-one to see if we can work out your perfect mural.

Custom Canvas Artwork

Custom canvas paintings are a great gift to give loved ones or even yourself! If you are looking for a portrait or any type of custom framed artwork give me a call. I can work with a variety of materials to create you your one of a kind piece that can be cherished for years to come! Contact me for questions and pricing!

Art Lessons

Mrs. Lizzie’s Art Room is the perfect atmosphere for kids to learn art! Let them immerse themselves in learning to enjoy art and that they CAN do it! Mrs. Lizzie offers one-on-one art lessons with kids to create art in subjects such as architecture, sculpture, design, drawing, oil painting and more. These lessons are perfect for kids who are passionate about art or for home-schooled kids who want to learn the fundamentals of art for their curriculum. Contact me for pricing.

Painting and Antiquing Furniture

Have you found that beautiful piece of furniture that you absolutely need but it just doesn’t go with your decor? All it needs is some TLC from me and a sander! I love fixing up furniture and creating a unique rustic look that will go well with whatever decor you have! I can work with both big and small pieces and most materials that your beloved pieces are made of. Contact me if you have any questions. I love working with you to make your piece what you want! Pricing varies with each piece.

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