Late Summer Faux Mural

    My latest summer mural project took place in Ponca City for a local business owner’s beautiful home. The property is located near the city’s beloved pioneer woman statue and the property contained a very old building that was originally owned by the Marland family estate, which was fun to get to tour through and seeContinue reading “Late Summer Faux Mural”

Miss Lizzie’s Face Collection “Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?”

Some visitors to the Art Room find my collection of faces strange and creepy. I have even been asked many times if I ever feel like I am being watched! Nobody likes that eerie feeling of being watched. I prefer to think of it as all those faces are cheering me on while I’m creatingContinue reading “Miss Lizzie’s Face Collection “Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?””

Chubby Butt Easter Bunnies

These little chubby bunnies make a great addition to your Easter decor. They are easy to make and give a quirky vintage touch to any Easter basket. My chubby butt bunny likes to hide somewhere different every day before Easter. this morning I found him asleep in an opened purse snuggled up to a giganticContinue reading “Chubby Butt Easter Bunnies”

Dyeing Easter Bottle Brush Trees

I have always loved vintage bottle brush trees. I have been just fascinated with them since I was a small child. They have such a charming vintage look and I always want to use them everywhere for decorations. They are actually very easy to dye different colors. I purchased my bottle brush/sisal trees from reading “Dyeing Easter Bottle Brush Trees”

Smock Frock

Sewing is not my first love of all the creative endeavors I have tried, but it is a handy skill to have every now and again. I like to be able to make my clothes or up-cycle vintage frocks but sewing takes a lot of time for me so I tend to collect a bunch ofContinue reading “Smock Frock”

Up, Up, And Away: Up House Night Light

This little hanging night light is a colorful favorite Art Room addition. Inspired by the cartoon “Up” with the little old grouchy man that ends up making a friend and going on a great adventure with a young Boy Scout. Being a romantic at heart I loved the touching story that unfolds, explaining that partContinue reading “Up, Up, And Away: Up House Night Light”

My Own Frankenstein

Once I was rummaging through a junk store and stumbled upon a vintage manual vending machine. It was ugly and scratched up pretty badly, but since it required no electricity and all the parts seemed to work, it came home with me. Later that day a clip of the Jetsons cartoon popped up on myContinue reading “My Own Frankenstein”

Lucky Leprechaun Clover Tree

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration I’ve always loved vintage bottle brush Christmas trees since I was a little girl and admired my grandmothers vintage Christmas decorations. But they are usually only used at Christmas for decorations or decorated for Valentines or Easter. I wanted to come up with new ways to use these cool little treesContinue reading “Lucky Leprechaun Clover Tree”