Chubby Butt Easter Bunnies

These little chubby bunnies make a great addition to your Easter decor. They are easy to make and give a quirky vintage touch to any Easter basket. My chubby butt bunny likes to hide somewhere different every day before Easter. this morning I found him asleep in an opened purse snuggled up to a gigantic carrot!


What you need:

  • Large off white wool dryer ball
  • 1- 3 in. bottle brush tree/ivory
  • 2-2 in. bottle brush tree/ivory
  • one white bump chenille stem
  • 2 small black beads or tiny bubble eyes
  • 1 small pink chenille ball
  • one orange chenille stem
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • wire cutters
  • utility scissors

Start by taking the larger of the bottle brushes and cutting about 3/4″ off of the narrow end. This will be the bunnies head. Take the two smaller trees and and trim the bristles off the trees down close to the center wire allowing the shape to widen at the base. These will be the bunnies’s ears. Glue the ears on to the top of the head with hot glue as well as the black beads or bubble eyes and the tiny pink chenille ball for the nose.


Now, take the wire cutters and cut the bumpy white chenille stem in half, . take one piece of the chenille stem and glue to the wool dryer ball at the center between the two bumps. This chenille stem will become the bunnies arms. Then glue the head on top at center of stems.

Next, take the other half of the chenille stem and glue to the bottom of the dryer ball and align it with the arms. Cut one bump from the orange chenille stem and cut the very top off the bump to create the carrot shape. Wrap the hand area around the carrot and pinch it so that the hand will hold the carrot.

Mr. chubby butt bunny can be embellished with clear glitter on his head and ears. simply brush on Aleen’s tacky glue or regular Elmer’s glue with a small paint brush and sprinkle with your choice of iridescent glitter. I use as well as garland of small flowers glued around the neck. he can hold various Easter treats, miniature Easter basket, bunch of small flowers or fancy drink umbrella etc…


Have a blast hiding him around the house for the kids to search for and find in the days leading up to Easter!


Published by mrslizzieshouse

I'm an artist with a passion for creating and teaching art and making new things from the old. My goal is to let my home projects inspire and help others with their own projects.

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