My Tiny Pop Machine

 A trip to town with dad meant riding in the back of the truck and stopping at the gas station.  He would always give us a quarter for a pop from the pop machine in front of the station. Though this was back in the day when a pop was a small 8 oz. bottle, and if we were lucky, we would get a pack of Planter’s peanuts to share. You had to drink a bit out of the bottle first so you could carefully pour the peanuts into the bottle and watch them fizz. To this day, when I see a pop machine, I can almost taste a good cold Pepsi with some crunchy peanuts.

When my daughter moved out of her college dorm room and needed to get rid of the mini fridge, I thought it would be quite handy to have a fridge in the art room to put sodas and water bottles in for my art students.  When the memory of Pepsi and peanuts popped in my mind, I decided to paint it up to look like a tiny pop machine. It was quite easy, and it is a colorful addition to my crazy art space.

Published by mrslizzieshouse

I'm an artist with a passion for creating and teaching art and making new things from the old. My goal is to let my home projects inspire and help others with their own projects.

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