Lucky Leprechaun Clover Tree

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration

I’ve always loved vintage bottle brush Christmas trees since I was a little girl and admired my grandmothers vintage Christmas decorations. But they are usually only used at Christmas for decorations or decorated for Valentines or Easter. I wanted to come up with new ways to use these cool little trees to create entirely new shapes and designs. I also have instructions for Valentines Kissing tree decorations as well as Easter designs coming for Spring.


 7 green bottle brush trees, all one size, any size

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Any green or gold embellishments you prefer, (silk flower, ribbon rose, vintage millinery posy etc..)


 Wire cutters

Clover Tree Instructions

  1. Use your wire cutters to cut the wire stem off the trees just flush with the area where the bristles begin.
  2. Use your scissors to trim the base of the tree’s sharp edge to appear more rounded like the shape of a teardrop. Repeat this step to five more of these trees to make a total of six trees.
  3. Use your hot glue gun to glue two trees together with the narrow ends together to form the shape of a heart which, will create the look of a single clover leaf. Repeat this step to create three separate clover leaves.
  4. Trim the bristles of the last tree to resemble the clover stem with a narrow top and a slightly larger base.
  5. Take two of your now completed clover leaves and glue the narrow ends together to create the left and right clover leaves. Once your glue cools add the third clover leaf to the top.
  6. Now glue the stem into the remaining space on the bottom of the clover.
  7. Now you can embellish your tree however you like. You can add a ribbon to hang up as an ornament or use vintage flower frog to make a perfect stand.
  8. The tree can be brushed with tacky glue and glitter sprinkled on to give it a bit of extra wow!

Published by mrslizzieshouse

I'm an artist with a passion for creating and teaching art and making new things from the old. My goal is to let my home projects inspire and help others with their own projects.

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